Monday, June 30, 2008

Kids items: strip pole for sale

This is why I loved Little Miss Sunshine

*spoiler alert*

Young girls as exotic dolls are rewarded for looking and behaving the most hyper-sexualized. What can be more of a turn on than erotic dancing?


Lessie said...

Chah. I saw that movie and just about died at the end of it. I admit I'm somewhat liberal in the way I think about dress (a young girl in a tank top isn't a big deal to me), but when you start teaching the same young girl to sexually posture? Whoa. Full stop. Nuh-uh.

ljk said...

It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it...or not wear it. A nudey girl running about the house is cute. No getting around it.

Lessie said...

Cute, definitely. So are my nudey boys when they run around the house (although my youngest one isn't potty trained yet, so we keep his undiapered time to a minimum :), but sexual? No. That's why I think things like child molestation are more about attitudes that molesters have about control, entitlement, and power than they are about what the kids are or are not wearing.