Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wrong woman who won't go away

Dusted this off from saved drafts, forgot to publish at the time...
This article (Wrong woman, wrong message) by Gloria Steinem deserves a revisit because that lucky governor who was plucked by a crafty Presidential candidate to be out-of-her-element/V.P. is not being placed upon the mantle she rightfully deserves. It's any mantle, really, as long as it's there to be ignored and polished once in a while. But no one is leaving it well enough alone, especially the lucky trophy herself. Just to refresh, I believed the problem with her as VP candidate to be an issue of scale. She was suited to public service on at most a smallish state level, but she proved many times to be ill-equipped at handling even the most basic of domestic and foreign affairs. She was McCain's trophy partner, to be placed on the opposite side of his trophy wife in photo shoots.

And also, Tina Fey, I know you're super duper cute in the latest ratings boosting turn as Mrs. P but you of all people - you who said the porn industry should die and more feminist sounding things - should not fall victim to executives giving the people what they want. I can only imagine how addictive life's offerings are right now to someone who once worked at a desk, like me right now and forever, so I think history will give you a free pass. Besides, I think thinking women are winning right now. We haven't heard anything about Paris or Brittney in a long while.